Research and development in


1. "Trai Rashiq Bargia Sutro & Rana's Constant " 

2. Research for Natural Color Fibre

3. Raw cotton waste use as cow food

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Another research for Raw Cotton waste used in cow feed and now a days large scale use in Dhanua, Sreepur, Gazipur. "Its a good food for cow due to cotton leave and seeds mixed in waste during ginning and processing in back process during spinning started from 2010 firstly start some raw cotton put to the cow and try to eat them but day by day it success that cow became more fate and healthy. And its break the common idea about spinner that when they works in spinning mills then fiber comes to their lungs and create different disease to their lungs. It is their tradition that they used banana for cleaning their lungs.Last five years the cow prob that it success for food great".     

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